It’s All About Feeling In Control

Take control. One of the common phrases I hear when I first speak with a prospective client is “I feel this is getting out of control.” This is particularly true for those who have already started this journey with an attorney.

Your important considerations. This is a common feeling when it comes to divorce. There is so much going on at one time. Finances. Children. Housing. Health insurance. These are just a few of the important considerations.

Don’t feel pushed or pulled. Your spouse may be telling you one thing, your family and friends may be offering other advice, while your attorney may offer different recommendations entirely. You may feel pushed and pulled in so many different directions, it’s no wonder you feel out of control. Who wouldn’t?

You’re in control. With mediation, it’s about taking back control. You are the driver instead of the passenger. Together, we will carve out a solution that’s agreeable to all parties. You can move forward according to your time frame and in concert with your priorities.

Take back control today.