Choose Mediation for a Healthier Divorce

Choose Mediation for a Healthier Divorce

Choose peace, not war.

Divorce is an emotional and turbulent time. Once the process of divorce via litigation begins, couples find that stress levels increase significantly as a result. Why? Many couples enter the process committed to arriving at a peaceful ending. They often discover that once lawyers become involved, a virtual war ensues. Once battle lines are drawn, a painful and often costly process is initiated that takes its toll financially and emotionally on both parties. Couples committed to the idea of a mutually beneficial and relatively peaceful outcome are now turning to mediation as an alternative.

Take control of the decision making process.

Rather than turn over critically important decisions to an attorney to negotiate on your behalf, become a part of the decision making process. In some divorces, it's not the attorneys but rather the family courts who take control of that process and define the terms of the divorce. You have the right to take control of your life decisions. In mediation, both parties have direct input and can creatively define the terms of the divorce to best meet their own unique needs. Don't leave your most important decisions to a chance process.

Engage in bridge building, not bridge burning.

Once a divorce is finalized, a common misperception is that the relationship and family unit are extinguished. While in some cases that is true, the reality for many is that they have more meaningful contact with an ex-spouse than when married, particularly if there are children involved. Mediation provides a healthier framework in which to move forward and reorganize the family unit rather than destroy it. Litigation, by its very nature, infuses an adversarial way of thinking, resulting in an acrimonious ending. Mediation is future focused, meaning that emphasis is placed on creating a new beginning rather than simply bringing about an ending. That positive spirit is a critical aspect to a healthy and balanced family. Mediation allows you to build new bridges into the future that will enable a family to move forward.

Let your family become a winner.

The mediation process gives you the freedom to be creative in your divorce. Determine customized solutions that work best for you and your partner. The court system is often about winning and losing. In mediation, divorce is negotiated via a creative give and take process. No one loses and as a result, both parties win. Before turning to litigation, choose a healthier process that creates a stable foundation upon which to build your future - choose mediation.

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