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Maintain Control over Your Life Savings

The other day I was online and I happened upon a group for people getting divorced. I was fascinated by the conversation taking place which went something like this (names changed to protect privacy).   Jane Doe Good morning ladies!  Last night I had a meeting with a lawyer to start my divorce process.  She […]

Elder Care Mediation

As you’re getting ready for bed, your phone rings.  It’s your sister calling from Denver. You look at the caller ID, wondering what has prompted the late night call.  You answer the phone and your sister tells you that Mom is not doing well that you should come to Denver as soon as possible. The […]

Mediation: It’s not about winning. It’s not about losing, either.

  You’re now in the midst of a bitter divorce.  Seems that no matter what you say, your spouse defiantly opposes you.  It may seem that even when you both finally agree on an issue, one of you changes your mind for the sole purpose of being an obstructionist. When the cost of the fight […]

Guidelines for Divorcing Couples with Kids

When you’re in the process of divorcing, the primary focus may be on you and your soon to be ex, rather than on your kids, particularly if you are both working with divorce attorneys. You may feel that you are both being encouraged to constantly strategize your next steps in order to gain the coveted […]

It’s All About Feeling In Control

Take control. One of the common phrases I hear when I first speak with a prospective client is “I feel this is getting out of control.” This is particularly true for those who have already started this journey with an attorney. Your important considerations. This is a common feeling when it comes to divorce. There […]

Prepare for Communication

Many divorcing couples feel that once the divorce decree is signed and sealed, they will never have to communicate with their former spouse again. This is rarely in line with reality, however. Instead, divorce is a new starting point. As you look ahead to this new beginning, there are near-term and potentially even longer term […]

Blindsided by Divorce

Why a divorce coach may be just what you need? The setting One day, you’re home helping your child with homework. In between homework and checking on the baby, there’s a knock at the door. Looking cautiously to see who the surprise visitor is, you are shocked to find a police officer from the sheriff’s […]