Update Parenting Plans as Your Children Age

Is mediation the best option for your Northbrook, IL family?

The divorce might be over, but shared custody lasts until your children become adults. Your children’s needs are going to change as they get older, and so should their custody plan. For custody options that adapt to your family throughout the years, call ACG Mediation.

Get the best results possible with positive energy coaching

If you keep a positive mind, you’ll see positive results. This mantra can benefit you in many facets of your life, but it’s hard to keep a positive mind in a negative situation. ACG Mediation is here to steer you in the right direction with positive energy coaching.

When you work with an attorney, the whole situation might feel stuffy or impersonal. Don’t subject your family to awkward and painful mediation hearings. Take a positive approach to your family mediation in Northbrook when you work with ACG Mediation. Call us today.